Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed wordpress hosting 2016The type of hosting you choose for your website is a factor that can influence the success of your online business, blog, or marketing campaign. While shared hosting is usually the hosting of choice for various WordPress sites, managed WordPress hosting is a superior option in terms of speed, security, and support.

While shared hosting is indeed the cheapest option for your WordPress website, it also has some downsides that may not sit well with some website owners. What is managed WordPress hosting? Why is it better than shared hosting, and why should you choose it over a shared hosting account?

What is managed WordPress hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting is a hosting account that comes with a WordPress optimized hosting environment. This means that everything from the hardware to the software is tweaked, configured and fine-tuned for WordPress. A managed hosting is also a great choice for people who are not technically skilled and need WordPress support and website maintenance. A good managed WordPress hosting will take care of all that and update WordPress versions, plugins, and offer around the clock dedicated support. Essentially, a managed WordPress hosting takes on the burden of dealing with the back-end aspects of your WordPress site, allowing you to focus your time and effort on the front-end.

Advantages of managed WordPress hosting

While there are good shared hosting plans, the fact that server resources – and IPs – are shared among several sites running on the same physical server, can significantly slow down your website, which can decrease the user experience quotient on your website, lead to higher bounce rates or even lower Google rankings as a result. Then there is the risk of hosting your website in a “bad neighbourhood”, that is, sharing the same IP address with websites that engage in spamming or black hat techniques that can also negatively influence your website’s reputation, and even lead to IP blacklisting. With a managed WordPress hosting you won’t be sharing resources and won’t be exposed to the “bad neighbourhood” effect.

The biggest benefits of a managed WordPress hosting can be summed up as follows:

  • Blazing speeds – a good managed WordPress hosting will offer better page load times and better overall performance. Your server resources will be only yours to use. The WordPress optimized server infrastructure and monitoring will make sure your WordPress site runs smoothly;
  • Higher availability – downtime issues and sever availability problems encountered with a shared hosting plan will no longer be a problem with a managed hosting environment, which will translate into higher website availability and better user experience for your visitors;
  • Enhanced security – with everything constantly being updated to the latest versions and technologies, your website will be more secure;
  • Dedicated support – managed WordPress hosting usually involves a dedicated support team that can answer your WordPress related questions;
  • Scalability – traffic spikes and a higher influx of visitors are usually automatically handled by a managed hosting plan by scaling your site’s traffic to avoid your site going down.

Although a managed WordPress hosting is on the pricier side of the hosting spectrum compared to a shared hosting plan, its benefits for your website’s performance and security make it a worthwhile investment.